Benefits to Exhibitors

'DnJ' enables the registered and approved exhibiting companies to showcase their products in a way they could never do before. The exhibitors not only are able to show their products to their own buyers but also to new buyers who register at the site.

'DnJ' provides the privacy that the companies need . They can chose who can view their products and who cannot. They can change view permissions whenever they want.

One cool advantage is that the buyers are able to see a much larger variety of mills products than it is possible physically. This advantage is both for the mills and visitors. It enables the mills to bring out their developments which may be lying in the warehouse, to the fore and to the attention of the buyers.

Is it easy to show different washes / styles in a single fabric to the buyers while visiting them? Not really!! However, as we all know, it is imperative that the denim fabric is shown in different washes and styles. This can be done here at 'The DJShow'

The buyers can view the products whenever they want and when they have time - maybe while travelling, on a holiday or whenever possible. They can also show the same to their colleagues and shortlist products that they are looking for.. This leads to meaningful dialogue when the two meet.