Concept of DnJ

Have you noticed that everything is going online? Online solutions are helping not only technical industries but touching every area of human life. We now spend more time with our friends at Facebook than in real world.

And this is not without reason. Digitization brings various times and cost efficiencies which are difficult to achieve in real world. No doubt, every industry is finding ways to digitize their processes - thereby helping bring in efficiencies.

Our effort is to bring efficiencies in the processes related to marketing of fabrics in denim and associated industry. As an initial goal, we would like to help the Denim Mills bring their fabric collections to the buyers worldwide in a way they would have never done before. We want to bring Time and Cost efficiencies to the industry. Say, how about enabling hundreds of buyers worldwide checking out a new collection within a couple of days of launch and sending their comments and requests - making the process of personal interaction more meaningful ??.

The buyers can view the products whenever they want and when they have time - maybe while travelling, on a holiday - anytime! We wish to extend these initial goals further and provide more value in the supply chain as we proceed further. They can see the products uploaded by the buyers which are public and after registration they can also see their private products . The exhibitors have the freedom to allow or disallow visitors to visit their showroom . Buyers and suppliers can initiate business online and can take it offline if they want . Our aim is to help them to do business !